Share some WW background music!
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Goblin Worker

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29 Dec 2018, 21:24

Let's share some nice Wasted Warlock "themed" background music! Here are some tunes I like  Cool

Mad as a Hatter - Eric Caissy

Compicated Columns - Jonathan Van Den Wijngaarden

The Ghostly Rider - Eric Caissy

Cannon In D Minor - Two Steps from Hell, Tomas Bergersen

Way Of The Monk - Neal Acree
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GåsBjörn Games AB

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27 Mar 2019, 03:38

The Ghostly Rider is super legit, I personally considered it an inofficial themesong for WW. It has exactly the right tone, a bit playfulness, silliness, but also with that epic majestic feeling that is perfect for when you're downing Barrel after Barrel, opponents watching in fear, while you're loading up a huge Death Ray.

When I make the WW playlists I like to go for songs with no or little vocals, pay a lot of attention to which songs transition well into each other and put those after each other in the list, and try to mix it up with some tunes going more towards the playful direction, others representing some sort of "tavern" or general fantasy music, and then now and then some real battle tracks. This way it's not just battle music all the way, when one of those tracks come on you really feel empowered or like you're getting hyped up.

I think most people will agree fantasy/medieval music suits WW's setting best, but that said, I like to sometimes throw in some songs from other genres if they suit the mood.


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