New Expansion: Return of the Alcomist
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GåsBjörn Games AB

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25 Mar 2019, 18:47

In just a few days, the 30th of March, it is finally time for another Grandmaster Tournament! This year's tournament will have the subtitle "Return of the Alcomist", a name it shares with the first official expansion to Wasted Warlocks. The expansion (alpha version, compatible with the latest Beta main deck) will premiere during the tournament and also be for sale during the event. It will also be sold on our webshop later this spring.

In order to allow all hardcore, Grandmaster-aspiring Warlocks get a chance to read up on the new mystical Alcomical Inventions, Devices and Decoctions before the tournament, we are going to post the new Draw Deck cards here. There are also a couple of new events and a new Legendary Item in the game but we will keep those a surprise!

Discussion and questions regarding the new cards is welcome and encouraged in this thread. Have fun with them!

Cog Block (2 copies in deck)
Put this card on top of a building, item or minion that target Warlock owns. They suffer the following effect:
The card covered by Cog Block cannot be used in any way. At the end of your turn, destroy Cog Block.

Attach this card to a buildingitem or minion that you own. That card's "during Act" effect may be used 1 extra time each Act.

Once during Act, you may name a card type and reveal 3 cards. Put 1 card matching your choice into your hand and discard the others.

The Welder Wand
When you hit with an attack, put a token on this card. When you play buildings or items, remove any number of tokens to reduce the mana cost by that amount.

Whenever you spend at least 3 mana at once, put a token on this card, up to a maximum of 3. During Upkeep, you may remove any number of tokens from this card, to refill 1 mana for each token removed.

Once during Act, you may choose a building or item that an opponent owns. Until the end of your turn, Catalyplificator works as if it was a copy of that card. It has the chosen card's level, but no other tokens on it.

Once during Act, you may choose another minion in play. Until the end of your turn, Mimic-o-Matic works as if it was a copy of that card.

Warlockbot 2000
Once during Act, you may roll a die:
1.   Pay 1 mana, discard 1 card or take 1 damage.
3-5. During this Act, you may pay 1 mana less the next time you play a card from your hand.
6.   Choose a card type. Until your next Upkeep, cards of the chosen type cost 1 mana less to play.

Sneaky Stuff
Play face down. During your next Upkeep, destroy Poison. All opponents who have played a potion since you played this card take 2 damage.

Liqueur of Love
Choose any 2 Warlocks. During their next Act, they can not target each other in any way.

Bottled Beerzerk
Until the end of your turn, your attacks cost 1 mana less to play. Targeted and hit warlocks take 1 attack damage extra from your attacks. At the end of your turn, take 2 damage.

Syrup of Sacrifice
Play at any time. An attack targeting an opponent is redirected to you. If the attack deals at least 3 attack damage to you, you may refill 1 mana and draw 1 card.

The Alcomist's Allstar
Play at any time. Reveal a potion from the Draw deck and play it immediately.

The Bamboozeler
Give an opponent a card from your hand and draw a card at random from them at the same time. You may do this with any number of opponents but only once per opponent.

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Goblin Worker

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25 Mar 2019, 20:18

W00hoo! Looking very promising with the new cards. I love the potions due to its non-existent mana cost, giving it the game flexebility and making moves more unpredictable.
I do feel like Bottled Beerzerk could be extreamly powerful and a great combo piece when finishing off the last players in all in swipe.

Warlock Bot and the Reloader fits my play style and wont be discarded for sure!Smile
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GåsBjörn Games AB

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26 Mar 2019, 01:50

Re-Loader: "during act" and "per act" is the same thing. Most cards in the original deck says "once per Act" but for some reason I started writing "during act" when the expansion was made.
Attach is putting a card together with another card. It also appears on the event "Cursed Treasure". The attached card follows the the other where ever it goes.

Cog Block: The covered card can still be stolen or destroyed!

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