I wasted all my time playing PSO2
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04 Nov 2020, 02:18

I'm really excited with PSO2 Meseta this upgrade. I simply don't enjoy our levels will be reset. For someone who just started this season with NA, like me, it actually hinders my urge to keep progressing my personality in the edition of PSO2 we have today. I do not mind leveling a new personality and whatnot, however when we're keeping weapons and units we really must learn how they will be taken over. I would really like to have a couple of good sets of equipment to use at the start but it would be... unfortunate should they nerfed a 13 star weapon into a 3 star or something comparable. I could see a 13 dropping to a 12 or 11, maybe even 10 celebrity with valid reasoning and sufficient new gear to locate. However, more than that would be ridiculous. And if affixes are not taken over it puts a hamper on attempting to affix things to be good equipment. Might as well just slap a few decent ones on there for low cost and wait until NG comes out to determine how they do affixing in it.

I would not be at all surprised when they took away lots of the grind and other updates players have put on their equipment so that veterans have less of an edge over new players. They might also make entirely new abilities which produce the transport gear less applicable. Difficult to say. They did state that we may not fulfill the equip needs of the transfer gear for some time after beginning NGS, so obviously it will not move over as level 1 equipment. I really don't think we ought to set our expectations too high however. I'm going to assume transport gear will be mid-game gear or require a ton of upgrades to be end-game equipment unless they say otherwise.

It was said that weapons may have distinct appearances and abilities, and might be over your level/ability to use at first. Components are not going to have any cosmetics, but still have stats, but not the same though. Does all our personalities customization take over like hair, outfits earned through ac, mission pass etc? When you buy a game like God of War, are you like"Fuck, only 60 hours and I am done? I paid $60 with this shit and today there's no longer content. I wasted all my time playing this game." .

The solution is most likely no, because that would be fucking stupid. Why is it , where you have a choice of whether you would like to pay cash, you unexpectedly have issues? It is not like they are taking cash for a demo or something with essentially no content. We are still getting updates. There's still plenty more game to play. They are doing this manner because SEGA is fearful of jp whales rioting.

This... does not excite me anymore. I truly don't understand what I am actually discussing to New Genesis. My character version? Why do the weapons matter if I need to start at lvl 1 again since progression doesn't carry over? I won't have the ability to use them. And most importantly, what about cosmetics? I've spent a fantastic amount on cosmetics, and also the fact I can change between 10-20 costumes on the fly to match my mood is one of my favourite parts of the game. If those cosmetics don't carry over... I'm pretty much going to feel just like the very first season of NA is only a scam. We do not understand that yet, which explains the reason why I need clarity. I frankly will not care about buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta starting as a lvl 1 braver again should I keep all my cosmetics.
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21 Jan 2021, 10:54


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