Arizona Cardinals - NFL Face Masks Store
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28 Dec 2020, 08:53

According to NFLPA medical director Thom Mayer, the league is working with Oakley to develop different face shields that might provide added protection for players. That includes a potential full mask instead of just a face shield, and it includes a mask that has surgical or N95 materials, Mayer said on Adam Schefter’s podcast.
“That’s a possibility,” Mayer told Schefter regarding the potential use of surgical material on football facemasks. “Back in early March I had suggested that we should consider novel and emerging ways to handle the helmets and the facemasks and the spread of the virus. And these guys, the bioengineers that we use and that the league uses — Oakley, as you may or may not know, does all the face visors for the league under contract — these guys got the bit between their teeth.”

The league on Tuesday fined the New Orleans Saints’ Sean Payton and Las Vegas Raiders’ Jon Gruden $100,000 apiece for not following the league’s directive to wear face coverings on the sideline during games.Chicago Bears
The Tissue Trap: Another trick you can use to prevent your breath from fogging up your glasses is to place a folded tissue between your mouth and the mask. This will absorb the moist warm air before it can reach the top of your mask and get under your glasses. Just remember to tie your mask snugly so that the tissue won’t fall out of the bottom.

The defense nearly shut out Washington in the first half until a field goal in the final seconds. In the second half, Smith picked apart Pittsburgh's zone defense and outscored the Steelers 20-3, including a touchdown drive to open the third in during which Washington overcame back-to-back penalties and got monster third-down conversions from Cam Sims and Steve Sims. The Steelers also committed a penalty on fourth-and-goal, opening the door for Peyton Barber's 1-yard touchdown.

Surgical masks also are known as 3 Ply medical masks are essentially small pieces of cloth people use to keep the germs from their coughs and sneezes to themselves or to prevent picking up other people’s viruses and bacteria.Tampa Bay Buccaneers

"I just feel like the league did their best. We did our best," Harbaugh said. "We didn't bat 1.000. Nobody did. The league didn't. Nobody did. You can't bat 1.000 against this thing. But I think our response, in terms of our effort, was a perfect effort."Arizona Cardinals

The NFL typically dominates the TV schedule in households around the United States with games spread throughout the day, and watching football before and after Thanksgiving feasts has become tradition for many families.Green Bay Packers
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