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04 Jan 2021, 08:22

This has been a tough year for everybody, with plenty to make us angry, sad, worried, and more. It’s important to be able to stop and have a laugh, and it’s nice to see a light moment out of A’s Summer Camp during a tense time. The real question is: Given that we all need to wear masks for the foreseeable future, would you rock this one?

These New York Yankees Gameday Gaiter Scarves will keep your neck covered with lightweight, breathable material that will help you represent your favorite player whenever you put it on.MLB Face Coverings Online Sale
The tear-down-and-rebuild strategy worked for newly hired GMs in Houston, in Chicago, in Atlanta, and to a lesser but still consequential extent in Milwaukee, and it appears to have worked in San Diego and the South Side of Chicago. All those teams made the playoffs on schedule, and most ended up with their best teams in decades. So what happened to the Phillies, and what does it tell us about rebuilding?Chicago White Sox Face Coverings

PHILADELPHIA -- Some key veterans on the Philadelphia Eagles threw their support behind quarterback Carson Wentz on Wednesday, a day after rookie Jalen Hurts was named the starter for Sunday's game against the New Orleans Saints.New York Mets Face Coverings

Sima Asadi, a graduate student working with Professor William Ristenpart in the UC Davis Department of Chemical Engineering, and colleagues at UC Davis and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, set up experiments to measure the flow of particles from volunteers wearing masks while they performed “expiratory activities” including breathing, talking, coughing and moving their jaw as if chewing gum.Colorado Rockies Face Coverings

Put another way: The 2020 Phillies got about 3 WAR from players they "developed," a term we'll define to cover any player who originally lost his rookie status with the franchise. The 2020 White Sox got about 8 WAR from those players. Only seven wins separated the two teams' records in the condensed 2020 schedule.

For now and for as long as it takes to get a handle on this pandemic, no other need matters. And as much as I like sports, I also recognize that the NCAA's decision to cancel March Madness could well have saved thousands of lives. If that sounds like an overstatement, I refer you to Joshua Robinson's report in The Wall Street Journal. It's behind a paywall, but its headline offers much of what you need to know: "The Soccer Match that Kicked Off Italy's Coronavirus Disaster."
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23 Jan 2021, 11:03


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