Obligatory introductions thread
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GåsBjörn Games AB

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20 Jan 2017, 04:12

Since it's kind of a tradition for online forums to have one of these "introduce yourself" threads I thought I might as well get it started.

I'm Gås, co-founder of GåsBjörn Games. The origin story of Wasted Warlocks is for another time and place I suppose but long story short; our friend Jonas, in a drunken stupor the rumours say, came up with the brilliant base concept of WW: "what if you had a game, where you drink beer to spend mana?". Björn was quick to prototype this and a very crude, Comic Sans-y version of WW was born. A few months after its birth, I jumped on mainly as graphic designer and illustrator, but since then I've also been very involved in the game design. Warlocks has changed immensely since those early tests over 5 years ago.

My favourite Warlocks cards are probably Mercenary Camp,  since it can be devastating if protected well; Wasted Warlocks (the event), since it's a party starter; Goblin Engineer, because I think it's hilarious how he completely untouched designs a goblin killing machine; and Orb of Overcharge because it is sicccck.

My best Warlocks memory has to be Tiny's Tournament in Luleå, where I managed to win the final table by killing all 5 opponents in one turn, starting with a Voodoo Ritual kill in Upkeep, looting a Bomb Factory, using that for another kill, then using the looted Duel for another kill, and so on. Sadly I don't remember the whole play but mmmm it felt good.

Goblin Worker

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29 Dec 2017, 01:49

Oh, this is wonderful!

I'm Drulen, one of the brave warriors from the real north. In Kiruna we have a mine, a castle of ice, and northen lights; best place to live as a Warlock!

I was subject to WW as a friend invited me to the best drinking game ever. A beta version (don't know which) borrowed from a friend, which got it from a friend, whom got it from another entity. I now have my own set, happy to play!

My best WW moment was a table-shaking Armageddon on round three. You know, when all adventure cards play in your favour, you have Beer Barrels at start, gets armageddon before it's your first turn, gain additional mana to upgrade Brewery - and BAAM! I became the main target, but hey! Why would any one save up to eight barrels you may ask?

I wish everyone read in the same squeeky goblin voice I have in my head as I write this. 

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