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Frequently Asked Questions

Gameplay questions

How can I get to be the starting player?

Preferrably, the player with the best Warlock look starts the game. This can be someone with a very magnificent hat, or a very nice Warlock costume. However, if you cannot (or don't want to) decide which outfit is nicest, you can of course choose starting player by rolling the dice.

Can I discard cards at any time?

You can discard cards at the end of any player's turn (during their phase 5, Discard). Of course, this includes your own turn.

Card specific questions


Arcane Hangover

Q: Will my Arcane Hangover do less damage if my target counters and I counter-counter, since my opponent has fewer cards on their hand now?
A: No. The card's damage is decided at the moment it is played on a target.

Monkey Business

Q: Can I use Monkey Business if I don't have any cards left in my hand to give to my opponent?
A: No. Giving your opponent a card is a condition that must be met.


Q: Can I use Sabotage to do damage on a player with no buildings?
A: Yes. Sabotage deals damage whether a building is destroyed or not.


Q: "On level 2, all opponents may pay 1 mana to add 1 attack damage to the attack". Does this mean that I can spend any number of mana to add that number of damage to a Stoning?
A: No. If that were the case, the card would've said "pay X mana to add X attack damage to the attack". You may only throw 1 stone.


Q: If I'm targeted by Zap, can I then choose to "give my opponent 1 card from my hand" if I have an empty hand, effectively not giving them anything?
A: No. The choice is between damage and giving your opponent 1 (one) card. Not 0 cards. Do as it says!

Counter Attacks

Counter-Counter Attack

Q: Can I use Counter-Counter Attack on another Counter-Counter Attack?
A: Yes.

Magic Mirror

Q: Can you use Counter-Counter Attack on a Magic Mirror?
A: Yes! What the card says is that the original attack, that is redirected by Magic Mirror, no longer can be countered. However, the counter attack that caused this to happen (namely Magic Mirror) can still be counter-countered.



Q: Do I have to remove tokens from Pool if my Barrels are empty and I'm prompted to drink/spend/pay mana?
A: No. The tokens on Pool are not mana. They are tokens that can be used as if they were mana.

Meat Grinder

Q: Can I use Meat Grinder to replace 1 card, and then use it again with a second card during the same act?
A: No. You can use Meat Grinder to replace up to 2 cards, but only once per Act. So you can choose to discard either 1 or 2 cards at once, and draw the same number of new cards, but you can not discard and replace 1 card two times, in one Act.


Shield of Equity

Q: Will my own Shield of Equity deal damage on me, if I am the Warlock with the most health?
A: Yes. As long as the owner of the Shield of Equity pays for it to be used, it will deal damage on whoever has the most health.

Wand of Confounding

Q: How quickly after playing an attack do I have to remind my target that the attack costs extra to counter?
A: Depends on what play ethic you and your friends have mutually agreed on, but generally we'd say immediately, meaning that you say "remember that my attacks cost 1 extra to counter thanks to my nice Wand" (or something like that) while you pay for the attack and place it on the table.



Beer of Protection

Q: So how does this work again?
A: You simply block as much damage as you spend mana, plus one extra. So if you're about to take 6 attack damage from a Death Ray, you may spend 5 mana on your Beer of Protection to block 5+1 damage.

Q: Is this a Counter Attack?
A: No, it's a potion. Only cards with a green banner are counter attacks. So yes, you may use this card even if you're targeted with an attack that says "cannot be countered".

Q: What sorts of damage can I block with Beer of Protection?
A: All sorts of damage! Either attack damage or special damage. But only from one source. You can't use one Beer of Protection to block damage from two different sources.

Thunder Honey

Q: Do I get the effects from Thunder Honey every Upkeep until the tokens are removed?
A: No. You only get the effect once. The only thing that happens during Upkeep is what is written on the bottom half of the card, below the divider, which is that you take 1 damage every turn until the tokens are removed (so 3 total damage under normal conditions).

Sneaky Stuff

Other questions